Breaking point: February

Lately I’ve been reading a lot in English. Maybe because I’m thinking about finally taking the TOEFL –which is, I believe, the last piece of paper I need as proof of my bilingual proficiency. From the The Committee of 300, by John Coleman, to The Satanic Verses, by Mr. Rushdie, I’ve come to learn that English is far more interesting than learning it from the witty dialogues of Parks and Recreation, The Wire or Family Guy, although I can’t deny they’re the closest thing to real, every-day English… Plus, I have fun with those series.

Hot topics

As a journalist friend of mine said, there are never many exciting things happening in Peru. Aren’t there? Well, this month, comrade ‘Artemio’ –the last remaining head of terrorist movement Shining Path– was captured and conducted to Lima’s Military Hospital after having taken two shots that left him severely wounded. 

Here’s a pic I took from the government’s Facebook page about it:

In the white shirt, Peruvian president Ollanta Humala visits Artemio

This event kept journalists and international media caught up on what we’re going to do with this long-wanted man that nobody had been able to catch even though he was only guarded by probably less than 40 armed men. I can’t express how significant this arrest means for Peruvian history, but I also cannot stop thinking about what’s going to happen now: would he go under a long, common trial like the one Fujimori, Montesinos and others had to go through? What would be the charges pressed against him? Would he have the right to a defendant lawyer? Is the military going to stop intervening in the areas of the Jungle where drug trafficking is still ongoing?

Personal topics

On other top stories, I went on a small four-day trip to Cusco a few days ago. First time I went there I was 16, so this time I took my 17-year old sister with me to travel by plane, get out of Lima and eat Alpaca’s meat all in one and for the first time in her life. Yup, traveling is not usually a common thing the average Joes in Lima do.

It was a fun and beautiful trip. The city of Cusco has quite changed, for the better. I found it cleaner than ever (maybe it’s due to the low season, but who knows) and rainy as usual during this month. The day I went to visit Machu Picchu was the most fantastic: sunny, not cloudy at all and with this fresh-air spirit that would just rock your world. Low season is fantastic there. It’s never as crowded but you still get to talk to many different people from countries like Brazil, Chile, Japan and a few from North America and Europe.

Here’s a few shots:

What is breaking?

This is the first time in five years I’m actually taking vacations. Non-paid vacations, to make things clear. In January, I was thrilled with my boyfriend’s visit from the US, who made time flew without me even noticing it. I won’t deny I do have sources of income, but I had always been used to have a workplace to go to since I was 18.

Dealing with some health issues that are affecting a member of my family, not having a workplace but having a job have made this month different from any others I can remember so far. This year I’m supposed to be done with university, if I’m granted an exception to the rules about the order of how courses are usually taken. Problems this month? Nah, just a different rhythm I’ll have to adjust.

Luckily, I’m flexible.



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