Obama’s gay marriage support explained on 9GAG

With more than 1 billion search results on Google, this gay-marriage-support thing may be the hottest topic in US politics these days.


Photo: newyorker.com

There I was last night, trying to recover from an ugly cold that dragged me to bed with a pretty bad fever, until I went on Facebook for a little while and discovered that the user Kenan Ogan had posted an interesting image on 9GAG about gay marriage under the following title:



Of course, it would have never occurred to me that the title would be referring exactly to the opposite thing: 10 reasons to ban gay marriage [under invalid arguments that actually make gay marriage the most normal thing in our society]. This 9GAG post got more than 15K shares and 19K ‘likes’ on FB, and it was only published yesterday. The title is definitely one of the oldest marketing strategies, but the content is innovating enough to make it go viral.

Political stands

Nevertheless, promoting your support for gay marriage, being the President of the US and running for a reelection isn’t as easy as posting some ironic references on 9GAG. Although I’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm on the Internet coming from the LGBT community, some newspapers reports show that, in fact, this movement may not be as positive for Obama’s political gamble.

The Telegraph:

Consider the fact that just the previous day the citizens of North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage and all forms of civil unions by a 20-point margin, enshrining unequal treatment in their state constitution.

This is not an unusual result when gay marriage has gone to the voters in the past – more than 30 states have taken the same step, while in the half dozen states where marriage equality is legal it has been achieved via state legislatures or judicial decision.

[…] Liberal enthusiasm may be blind to the serious political risks this move might create. If the president loses the Southern and Midwestern swing states he won last time – possibly losing the White House in the process – this decision will be an important reason why.

The Washington Post:

Pastors in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and other swing states are readying Sunday sermons inveighing against same-sex unions, while activist groups have begun laying plans for social media campaigns, leaflet drives and other get-out-the-vote efforts centered on the same-sex marriage issue. Romney could benefit from a strong turnout among evangelicals and other social conservatives, many of whom remain skeptical of his commitment to their causes.

Los Angeles Times:

Franklin Graham — son and legatee of Billy Graham, the traditional spiritual advisor to the nation’s presidents — is lashing out at President Obama for his support of gay marriage, saying that Obama has “shaken his fist” at God, and lamenting “a sad day for America.”

Graham, the president and chief executive of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn., criticized the president in a statement Thursday, a day after the president told ABC News that his personal belief was that “same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

I guess one my biggest questions is if this social issue –as well as many others that might arise from this civil rights-related one– will end up being the center of the debate instead of the more traditional economy-debt-financial-crisis topic in 2008. By the way, with the great quantity of LGBT public manifestations I’ve seen on TV or online, one would think that the US is “ready” to accept that gays aren’t hated by God. Looking at this map, something tells me public opinion isn’t a portrait of what the media shows:


From latimes.com-click to see the full article.

Good luck US citizens. This may be one of your final battles agaisnt useless fears and resentments.